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"We found the worlds greatest fabric, so we
made the worlds greatest underwear"

luxury & comfort.

Here at Weard, we're not satisfied with just "okay" or "pretty good". And neither should you be. We don't compromise on comfort with our underwear and base layers, nor with how they fit. We don't make compromises in production, either. Imagine a garment that's smoother than silk, with perfect fit, and with much better breathability than cotton.

This is Weard. 

Bamboo is the secret.

The secret of our clothing is the bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing plants? That's why our clothes are nicer to the environment than the vast majority of others on the market. With our production and Swedish designers we make clothing that's as stylish as it is smooth. Clothes that help you keep cool in the summer but warm you up in the winter, always with awesome breathability. Another cool aspect of our garments is that they retain barely any sweat odor. Bamboo absorbs and wicks away moisture up to four times more than cotton does..

We love our bamboo clothes. And you will too. Just try them and you'll be convinced

Bamboo rocks!

There are many reasons we love bamboo so much. Mainly, it's because it's such a gentle material to make clothes from. The bamboo plant is really a team player. Because the plant grows so quickly, it can make space in the soil and land for other plants - it doesn't need special arable plots to grow on. Bamboo can grow in both forest and slope plantations. We think that's great. Another bonus is that the bamboo plant doesn't use that much water. Cotton, on the other hand, is a thirsty player. Did you know that it takes between 2,642 to 5,283 gallons of water to get 2.2 pounds of cotton?! Just one cotton plant alone drinks around 10 gallons of water. Pretty crappy, really. Bamboo on the other hand, is not just a good team player: it's a real fighter too. It's so strong that it can withstand pests completely by itself, without any scary pesticides. And as we said before, it requires no irrigation at all to grow. Bamboo manages just fine using nature's bounty, and so can be grown totally organically.

Bamboo, you rock our world! 

Our gentle production methods.

The fiber itself that our clothes is made from is bamboo viscose. It's produced from organic bamboo in a gentle manufacturing process. This process uses kind chemicals in a closed system that counteracts emissions, and almost all the solvents and water are recycled. In this way, it can be used over and over again. Along with our driven production partners, we're constantly working to develop in all directions. We have a long relationship with our factories, and are committed to making sure all employees enjoy proper working conditions. This is important to us here at Weard.

Do you want to know more about our bamboo and the production of our stylish and silky attire? Get in touch!


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