Our bamboo undergarments for women are exactly as comfortable as you dream your next undergarment should be. Almost like a second layer of skin, and perfect as a first layer of clothing. Because the undergarments are made of 95% bamboo viscose, they are as soft as baby skin, while being kind to your surroundings. The bamboo material also helps the underwear breathe well, which makes them perfect to wear, regardless of the season.

When it comes to our bamboo undergarments, we have chosen to cut everything called washcloths and logos. And the effect is apt. The undergarments have zero disturbing patches and seams, which contributes to an even nicer feeling.

The undershirt is available with or without a zipper. The zip model is high in the neck, while the non-zip model is low and open. In our Performance range, you will find, in addition to the base, our popular Bamboo Beanie.

Which size fits me?
Our sizes are a little smaller than regular sizes. For those of you who are unsure of which size to choose, we recommend you check out our size guide, where more precise measurements are described.

Why do you make your clothes from bamboo?
Because bamboo is simply amazing! Clothes made from bamboo viscose are very soft, but above all, it is an environmentally friendly choice of material. The bamboo tree, for example, requires almost no surface, and almost no water, to grow. Read more about our bamboo garments and the production behind them here.