An Amazing Tank Top, Chill Sport Top, or Super Soft Top. Which one do you choose? We know all three sound absolutely amazing, and they are. With a mixed set of bamboo tops and bamboo underwear, we promise you and your breasts have everything you need. 

Our bamboo tops for women keep everything in place, without ever creating a tight, damp, or uncomfortable feeling. Both the Amazing Tank Top and Chill Sport Top are available in white and black, and the Super Soft Top is available in black. 

All our bamboo tops and linen are of course made from bamboo. And it is precisely the bamboo material that is the secret to their being so soft and comfortable, but also to their good breathability.

What are the sizes of your bras? 
Our bra sizes are a little smaller than "usual". If you want to ensure the right size, you can therefore advantageously choose a size larger than what you usually wear. A small is enough for you who usually wear XS, and M should work for you who are a size Small. For more information about our sizes, take a look at our size guide

Is there free shipping on your bamboo tops?
Yes! We offer free shipping on all our garments if you shop for at least €100. You can read more about our terms and conditions for shipping and delivery here.