Smooth & Luxury

This collection is for the misfits, those who define their own path and enjoy the extraordinary. It is a toast to a seamless blend of good liquor and luxurious clothing, where boundaries are broken and elegance reigns. A toast to embracing the unexpected, to drinking flawlessness and dressing in grandeur. Here's to a collab that celebrates the art of being unique, unapologetically yourself.

With a focus on quality

Stylish embroidery on the chest and a high quality screen print on the back. And don't forget to top off your outfit with an embroidered, Eco-friendly Dad Hat.

This entire collection is created for perfect fit and with luxury and softness in focus! Both the T-shirt and Hoodie are made from our very own blend of 70% Bamboo viscose and 30% premium cotton to keep you comfortable and stylish.