We think an undergarment should feel like a second layer of skin. That is, not at all. The optimal undergarment should barely be felt on the body, but its effect should still be striking. A difficult equation? Nah. With bamboo, most things are possible!

Our bamboo underwear for men has a flexible fit, good breathability, and a strikingly soft feel against your body. The undershirt is available with both a retractable zipper and a high neck, as well as with a low open neck. Completely without disturbing washcloths and logos.

Our bamboo undergarments work equally well in summer and winter and have the magical ability to warm you when you're cold and cool you when you're hot. With your new bamboo underwear, you will soon be ready to tackle life's fast-paced moments. Regardless of whether you are going to throw yourself into the hill or climb it!

Why should I choose bamboo undergarments?
The main reason for choosing bamboo undergarments is, of course, the amazing ability of bamboo viscose to let your skin breathe, regardless of whether
the temperature outside is high or low. Bamboo keeps your skin dry and comfortable when you sweat and warms you when you get cold.
Bamboo is also an environmentally friendly material and the bamboo viscose is manufactured in an environmentally friendly process with few chemicals that are
harmful to humans and the environment.